Water Extraction

Water emergencies in your home or office can happen any time day or night and if not taken care of immediately can be disastrous and cause serious structural damage as well as mold build up. Whether from floods, extreme weather such as hurricanes, broken pipes, a leaking water heater or a washing machine/dishwasher overflow, As Clean As It Gets can help get your home or office back to normal. There is no job too small for us to handle.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, follow the steps below to reduce the overall damage

  • Contact As Clean As It Gets immediately to reduce long-term damage and mold buildup.
  • If appropriate eliminate the source of water (i.e. shut off the main water supply to the house if you have a broken pipe.)
  • Shut off the power supply to the flooded areas and NEVER try removing the water with a shop vac.
  • Move anything that is small enough to move from the affected area to minimize damage to those items.
  • Don’t forget to contact your insurance company to see if damages are covered on your policy.
  • Relax, we are on the way to help you!


Water extraction/remove flat rate pricing

During Business Hours – Minimum $350.00
During Weekends & Holidays Minimum $500.00
Clean/Grey water category (1&2) $4.10 sq ft (During Business Hours)
Black Water Category (3) 5.20 sq ft

This service includes:

  • Service call
  • Extraction of water
  • Pulling of carpet/pad if needed
  • Treatment with antimicrobial if needed
  • Set-up of drying equipment air movers, etc.

Not included in this price is hauling off of waster or moving excessive amounts of contents. (Minimum hauling removal charge $150.00)