Carpet Cleaning

Our Process

Truck mounted steam cleaning is the process we use for cleaning carpets, tiles and upholstery.  This is the process all major carpet manufacturers recommend. Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet maker, recommends only truck mounted steam cleaning such as ours.

No other truck mount carpet cleaning machine can get as hot, clean as deep and dry your carpet as fast as El Diablo. Normal dry times are from 45 – 120 minutes.

Why does the carpet get dirty so quickly after having them cleaned?

Have you ever noticed when you clean your carpets, they seem to get dirty even faster. If this happens, your carpets are not being cleaned properly and only look clean. The problem is there is a sticky soap residue being left behind, which actually attracts dirt.

Soap can help clean your carpet and leave it clean and smelling good. The problem is that when the wrong soap is used, it cannot all be removed from the carpet. The soapy residue actually becomes a magnet for dirt, and the carpet may even be a little bit sticky or tacky, if not on the surface, underneath. This is why your carpet gets dirty quickly, because dirt and stains simply get locked into the carpet with the soap.

High-flow uses more water for a thorough flushing of your carpet, which removes more dirt and soap. The higher heat adds the power to quickly remove oily grime and dirt. The high-recovery system removes more water, cleaning agents and soils in your carpet, which means your carpet dries quickly, usually within 2 hours.

The end result is not only a clean, beautiful carpet, but also one that has been sanitized by the hot water and one that is now allergen-free.